Recent Projects


Small web page to help find minimax polynomial approximations to functions using the Remez algorithm. You can find the website here. And the source code here.

floosp (3D)

I’m working on a 3D version of this puzzle game. There’s an article explaining the lighting system here


A small library to do simple HTTP requests in C. Github repository


A small ncurses-style, terminal-drawing library in Go. Github repository

floosp (WIP)

This is still an ongoing game project, but you can play an HTML5 demo here. It’s all programmed in C from scratch, and the HTML5 port was done with emscripten.

Gameplay is pretty final already, but graphics are total programmer-art right now, and I still have to create a lot more levels to make it interesting enough for release.

Older Projects

Octree-based software raytracer

Voronoi-based image interpolation

Fully destructible KD-tree world

A mining 2D game prototype

Katiuska: a weird mashup game