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Over the years, I've left a long trail of personal projects, quite a few of them in a half-baked state. Most of them are just curiosities, but maybe some could be interesting or inspiring to others.


What looked like

Recense was a bookmarking service. A kind of minimalistic Pinboard, if you like. I even bought the domain for a while. After having only two active users for several months (and I'm including myself here), I decided to shut it down. The code should still work, though!

I still like how it proves you can build a useful and performant web service without ever having to touch a database.




I use Obsidian as a way to keep an organized database of things I'm interested in, or want to remember. As part of that, I use a lightweight Zettlekasten-like note-taking method. Using Obsidian directly for this was a bit cumbersome, so I built a dead-simple Android app that did it for me. It is entirely hardcoded to my use case (even down to specific file paths), so it won't be directly usable by most people, but it could be a starting point for someone else to build upon.

Source code:


Terminal rendering backend for Dear ImGui

This was just a prototype I whipped together in a couple of days. An interesting idea, but the difficult part is actually integrating this into a full application. It's probably OK-ish if you have the luxury of being able to build your entire application around this library, but if not, it seemed like it would require a ton of refactoring on the library to allow for a more sensible integration.

Source code available here:

Older Projects


Small web page to help find minimax polynomial approximations to functions using the Remez algorithm. You can find the website here. And the source code here.

floosp (3D)

During 2015 I worked on a 2.5D version of floosp, a game prototype I built earlier that year . There's an article explaining the lighting system here

floosp 2D prototype

This is a game prototype. You can play an HTML5 demo here. It's all programmed in C from scratch, and the HTML5 port was done with emscripten.

Gameplay is OK-ish, but graphics are total programmer-art, and I'd still have to create a lot more levels to turn it into a proper game.


A small library to do simple HTTP requests in C. Github repository


A small ncurses-style, terminal-drawing library in Go. Github repository

Even Older Projects

Octree-based software raytracer

Voronoi-based image interpolation

Fully destructible KD-tree world

A mining 2D game prototype

Katiuska: a weird mashup game

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